karnaval Ninove 2011



A group in the karnaval parade in Ninove got inspired by the Volkswagen meeting "freddyfiles" organised every year here in Ninove ... they had three beetles and two busses "on the road" 

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super vw mag !




nice super vw edition ! DDD mentionned on the cover, luvly 4 page report on DDD and a section in the NEWS about the GASSER DVD. oh, and i also got mentionned in the car shoot of Mike zanelli's über kool t34 ... i like it ! (the car!)

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MOL... preparing ! pt2


also preparing for mol ... getting everything EBI sorted out ... Tickets and some tshirt and sweats for you ! check out our tradestand at the MOL swapmeet !


now we really wonder where all those EBI 1 posters went ??? if they're some on your wall ... send us some pix !!!

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MOL... preparing !

leaflet 060.jpg

Digging trough some boxes, i found some leftover tshirts from the 48IDA line i once made ... i still have some sweats and some tshirts ... i'll bring them along in MOL ! check on my tradestand !


be there ! in MOL ! the biggest indoor swapmeet for volkswagens in Belgium ... organised by Kempische Keverclub.

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VOWO ads in latest issue !




woohoo... the latest vo wo magazine has landed on my desk ... it has a new selection of diverse volkswagens inside, all you need to know and all you can dream of inside. just go and buy the magazine ! hurry to the newsstand or buy a subscription on www.volksworld.com

check out the mega adverts for EBI4 and the Kieftenklok and T2D freddyfiles 2011 ! thanks for the support Volksworld ! we'll keep on supporting / reading about you ! 

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new flyer is in town


people reading http://freddyfiles2011.skynetblogs.be must have seen it allready ... but here it is again ! keep posted on the blog and see what's up in the cozy town of NINOVE

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euro bug in stand @ brussels auto salon




trough a nice media exchange deal with radio 21 classic , we had the opportunity to show off our event in CHIMAY - the EUROPEAN BUG IN on the brussels auto show ... dragrace scene and the PARTYBUS are still on the stand till SUNDAY ... be sure to come and visit us in PALAIS 1 !

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holiday covers


took some covers with me on holiday ... volksworld and super vw came along from home, and vw speed was bought on german autobahn ...

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Happy newyear !

15OOS newyear.jpg

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Ka Hauʻoli Makahiki Hou !

happy new year.jpg

Ka Hauʻoli Makahiki Hou ! or happy newyear !

Wishing you a happy 2011 and alot of ffun in your (and our) car hobby !

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Don't ...

very nice tip for this holiday season in europe ...

yellow snow-pola01.jpg

Don"t eat yellow snow !

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i never liked the way how an optima looked in a vintage car (but i really liked the performance of the OPTIMA 6V battery!)... so i started looking and found this "optima cloacking devise that kinda covers your optima up ... it also makes the optima square ... what is even better for getting it stable, and well tied down ...


a company called "foreign intrigue" is selling them in the USA ... it will never give you the looks of a 100% original 6V battery, but it will keep your battery from screaming "here i am, the biggest anachronism on your for the rest 100% vintage car" the second you open the engine lid. 

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another polaroid style pic...


another polaroid style picture by POLADROID

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wwwwwwwwwwot ?

wot ? no more polaroid's available for my pre digital era polaroid ? damn ! another chapter in my picture taking life ends ... i was always a fan of polaroids ... and sometimes had one with me to take old style pictures on a photoshoot ... so i started looking the web and found POLADROID ... a programme to download that makes a polaroid on your screen ... try it yourself !


thank you POLADROID !

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merry xmas and a happy 2011

vw 1500 s.jpg

wishing you all a happy and volkswagen 15OO S inspired 2011 year !

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how to buy your gasser vw DVD ? if you haven't heard from them, you must have been snowed in for the last days (wich is a real possibility) ... go to www.europeanbugin.com, choose your language and go to the shop ... where you can buy your desired quantity of DVD... BEWARE ... we're only sending out end of january !

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summer feeling II




Still enjoying the buzz of holiday i had in Bedarieux, where i visited a family's "bastide". Nice holiday ... too bad we don't have endless summers over here, but meanwhile, i am allready planning my 2011 trip trough France, and currently i am thinking to do a real "tour de france" ... hmmm ... keep on dreaming ! 

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summer feeling

19 09 2010 328.jpg

This lovely orange deluxe bus was bought from Xavier by Junior ... he really got good taste, the bus looks awesome on its 14 inch porsche fuchs wheels, and these pictures just say it all ... all you need for a nice holidaytrip trough france ... is a bus !

19 09 2010 030.jpg

19 09 2010 477.jpg

I am pretty sure this bus is in good hands now with Junior ... it will serve good ! just check out these pictures and dream away with an endless summer ...


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Mike, happy and proud as a new father of his newest baby: the VW GASSERS movie !


arriving in style ... 60 ies racing jackets were the taste of the day !


the KWEENONY gang and CSPgunter were present to show off their new haircuts.


then it was time for the movie ... be sure to get your own copy trough www.europeanbugin.com (beware, first batch will be send END OF JANUARY 2011)


after the movie ... cosy drink and sandwich time !

more info about the movie on www.europeanbugin.com -> language -> shop

(beware, first batch will be send END OF JANUARY 2011)

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XMAS tree


got the x-mas tree up ... and got it detailed with ... ebi wishes !!!

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lotsa ... snow these days ...


Forgot to park it inside last week ... overnight alot of snow covered the cars, luckily it was all powdersnow, and wiped off real easy. Thinking of new shoes for the newbee ... :-) 

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WOW, what a nice idea !





Mike, the creative mastermind in the EBI team has had this project up his sleeve for a long time ... now he's showing his cards, and all i can say is that i was stunned to see this project on DVD. this DVD is the result of hours of interviewing the legends that built and drove the real cars back in the days ... mixed with original 8mm footage from lightyears ago ... see it at your own homecinema, and pre-order yours real soon trough our website www.europeanbugin.com (SHOP) (BONUS MATERIAL: EBI3 and DDD7)


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KnK hot chocolate !




Kieft en Klok hot chocolate day ! was very nice seeing you all again, in the winter time ! hot chocolat was really hot ... really hot deals were made at KnK factory ! see you all real soon back again !

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hot chocolate day !

KnK hot coco woman.jpg

Only a few days away !!! keep posted on their blogs for hot chocolate day offers ! http://kieftenklok.skynetblogs.be

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well, i guess too bad they didn't have a volkswagen bus ... because we all know heaven is in the back seat of our volkswagen bus ! ONLY ONE WEEK till the hot chocolat day at Kieft en Klok HQ ... keep posted on their blogs http://kieftenklok.skynetblogs.be 

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