When i bought my ABARTH exaust for 15OOS, the chrome tips were still protected by this preformed bit of isimo.

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SERRANO Square !

Photo_100611_001 - Copy.jpg

I received this week these lovely pictures of Martin Serrano. I met Martin about two years ago when i was touring in the states. He talked me about his sunroof squareback and now the restoration is almost complete ! who wouldn't want to drive this ruby red 1500S rocket with the sunroof open ... hmmm.

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lecture !

airmighty 003.JPG

Some aircooled lecture arrived, the french super vw magazine and the airmighty magazine with special cover for the subscribers. alot of really nice articles in the airmighty magazine, and a very nice column by mr T3D himself, Paul Medhurst. nice picture also of Paul. This picture was taken in Ninove, during a Freddyfiles edition !

airmighty 004.JPG

Hurry to the newsstands for a copy or the websites to buy a subscribtion ! Support the people that support the hobby ! 

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grilles for t3 or post 68 t1+2.jpg

Soon back in stock are these Rally Grilles that make your type three, post 68 beetle, or baywindow go 100 mph even when standing still ! At only 40 euros, they don't break the bank either ! Get in touch with me on FASTFRED@autobahn.be for your order !

leaflet 058.jpg

Mr Roland D'Ieteren, the owner/main importer of Volkswagen Belgium admiring the looks and the quality of the RALLY GRILLES as used on the 1965 VW 1500S.

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akulas 1.png

Was browsing on the website of the AKULAs, a very nice bunch of guys who know their surfmusic ! They also have some taste for great vw posters ! They performed on EBI4 and are composing some new tunes for our EUROPEAN BUG IN 4 DVD project. Hang loose ! it's gonna be great ! COWABUNGA !

akula's 2.png

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Do you sometimes hesitate what the meaning of the RED and the GREEN light is on your 1500S car ?

Most of the people i talk to think that the red light means OIL pressure warning. That is not correct. The RED light means you don't get enough juice to your battery. the most common cause could be the generator. the GREEN light is all about the OIL pressure. If you see that one lighting up, it's time for a rebuilt or a quick fill up with oil (if it ain't too late by then ...)

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special type three !


special vw hardware ... nice period pic.

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