SOON back in stock !

grilles for t3 or post 68 t1+2.jpg

Soon back in stock are these Rally Grilles that make your type three, post 68 beetle, or baywindow go 100 mph even when standing still ! At only 40 euros, they don't break the bank either ! Get in touch with me on FASTFRED@autobahn.be for your order !

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Mr Roland D'Ieteren, the owner/main importer of Volkswagen Belgium admiring the looks and the quality of the RALLY GRILLES as used on the 1965 VW 1500S.

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TEST N TUNE this weekend


Steve from Steves vw shop is on his way to get him a 10 second run with his atmospheric engine, last weekend he passed 8 runs with a 11.1 result ... quite consistent ! This weekend larger slicks, a wheelie bar and some tweeking on the clutch can get him his non turbo 10 second pass ! Keep the fingers crossed for Steve !

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before and after situation ... sunday morning is cleaning moment because of ... the party !

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another edition gone by ...


Another edition has gone by, we'd like to thank everybody involved with our event, everybody who helped us out organising, and of course everybody being there, and coming over to check out the cars and atmosfere at the event ... it is you taht made the show !

Now let's get prepared for the 10th edition.

it seems so long ago. i still can see myself arriving on place in Bitburg 10 years ago ... i must have been 27 years young then :-). I still had a 2007cc engine in my beetle, that ran a 14.53 in santapod, but i never reached 14.53 in Bitburg. Today i am running an ultra low compression engine with 8.5CR and manage to run a 15.017 run, that is my Personal Best on Bitburg !

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TODAY and TOMORROW r the days !


Today and tomorrow are the days ! We're allready thinking we have these very nice prizes to give away on the end of the event ... we gave allready 24 prizes away in the last years ... were are they now ? Send us your pix of your DDD prize !

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Can you see the smiles on our faces ? We're ready to leave ! we're probably allready cruizing down the highway direction Bitburg with a big smile on our face because of the sound of those barking 48 IDA webers !

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DDD9 ... in TWO days !


If you haven't heard it yet, as a real volkswagen fan and affeccionado you must be living on another planet, this weekend, in less than two days, The DAS DRAG DAY 9 event will take place ... I guess everybody is allready planning his weekendtrip right now for sure ! 

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