S TIME !!!


it's taht time of the year again ... another batch of S signs flying in !

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as seen on PAT's BLOG !!!

pat vw shop, vw, meeting, 2011, european bug in, ebi 2011, 4th european bug in, chimay, pass, week-end
L'échéance avec l' European Bug In 2011 diminue chaque jour
et le "Promo Bus" présent chez nous pour une révision était là pour nous le rappeler ...

Tout ceci pour vous dire les "Pass" Week-end pour les visiteurs sont toujours en pré-vente et disponible chez nous à Nivelles ...
Mais ... notez que si vous voulez participer au 400m, à l'Off-Road, au Slalom, au show and shine ...
ou vendre au SwapMeet ... il faudra vous pré-inscrire sur le site web ...

The deadline of the European Bug In 2011 is getting closer each day
and the "Promo Bus" that's with us for maintenance was there to remind us of that ...

All this to say ... the Visitors week-end "Pass" are always on pre-sale and available from us in Nivelles ...
But ... note that if you want to contest in the 1/4 mile race, on the Off-Road and Slalom race, or in the show and shine ...
or sell at the swapmeet ... you will have to pre-register on the website ...

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32 days to go ??? wow !!!


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trout fishing with your beloved 15OOS


looking forward to see you and your 15OOS in chimay ... just like this picture says ... on some places in the CHIMAY region you can go fishing for trouts !!!

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oldspeed parts flying in !


Oldspeed parts for the 30 hp engine project are flying in these days ! abarth style muffler just arrived from the CSP shop !

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33 days to Go ??? GO EURO BUG IN !!!

bambi kitchen_138.JPG

ED FOX has sent us this picture of this lovely girlie that tells us she's ready as she'll ever be for the european bug in ! Come and check out our event on 1-2-3 july 2011 ... be there, or miss it for two years !!!

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c70 te koop, te koop

volvo te koop, c70 te koop, te koop, volvo

VOLVO, c70, te koop


VOLVO C70 coupé 2.3L T5 20v turbo 240hp TWR sport chassis van maart 2000

270km/hr ttz ong. 1cm verder dan 260 - niet da ik da ooit al gereden heb hé, op de e40 in jabbeke ... :-))

Mettalic blauwe volvo C70 TOPLINE te koop met beige lederen interieur, met T5 motor, 240pk, en TWR verlaagd sportchassis. de wagen heeft 135000km. CD-radio, NAVI, houtinleg, lederen stuur, cruise control, boordcomputer, 17 inch wheels met nieuwe banden, TRACS, ABS, electrische ramen, airco, centrale vergrendeling, enz enz ... mooie wagen met de gebruikelijke gebruikssporen zoals kerb schade aan de wielen . Altijd onderhouden in Volvo garage, onderhoudsboekje voorhanden. Nooit op circuit gereden. BTW wagen 21%. 7500eur BTW incl

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