rally time !


At this time we are rallying ! Prepairing and calculating the roadbook ... wish us luck ! 

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bumper sexyness


Rear bumper sexyness, as seen in Bugbox HQ last winter.


and off course ... the early front bumper sexyness :-)

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ultra, vw, magazine, vw magazine

ultra vw is out now with a nice 4 page report of the FREDDYFILES show in NINOVE ... be sure to go online at the magazine's website and buy the copy of this current month here if you don't have a subscription.

freddyfiles, legendary, vw, meeting, ultra, ultra vw report, report

there are also some other nice reports in this issue, for example of the SCHLEY brothers, and their garage life, and their feeling for fashion (and lovely ladies wearing their fashion) in the seventies. :-) curious ? go online and buy !

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abarth sexyness too ...

abarth, exhaust, apal

I really like this picture, my abarth equipped rally notch, next to an abarth inspired apal car with 356 mechanics.

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honesty :-)

beemer, bmw, bmw ad, bmw advertisement, bmw reclame, reclame, bayerische motor werke

Really honest :-) i look forward to the day these ads will appear in our car magazines !

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it's california time (on www.europeanbugin.com (real soon))

california, callook, cal t shirt, tshirt, t shirt, california look, los angeles, photoshoot the real california look, 1975, feb 1975, february 1975, hvw&db, hot vw, hot vws, hot vw's, take two home, volkswagen

It's photoshoot time ... yesterday before buffing the beetle, it was time to do a little photoshoot. The re-enactement of this scene must look really familiar to some of you. Mike, one of the EBI team members had this idea for allready a long time ... "why don't we do a hommage to the mother of all cal-look tshirts ???" So here it is available for you real soon now trough the EBI website ... the "california" t shirt ... a classy tshirt in high quality heavyweight cotton with a pocket on the front ... KEEP POSTED ON WWW.EUROPEANBUGIN.COM real soon !

tshirt, california look, volkswagen, weber, 48ida, cal-look, california look theme, hvws&db

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mug tas, tas, mug, mug, tas, tassen, kop, koffie, thee, ebi, ebi4, autobahn

We DO have our beer culture here in Belgium, but to pass our time behind our officedesks, or computer screens, we do prefer coffee or tea... with or without milk, strong or soft, long or short, and maybe to go italian, a "ristretto" ... anyway, these mugs will look very good on your desk/coffeetable/teatray ... so don't hesitate them when you see them for sale ...

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