super vw mag !




nice super vw edition ! DDD mentionned on the cover, luvly 4 page report on DDD and a section in the NEWS about the GASSER DVD. oh, and i also got mentionned in the car shoot of Mike zanelli's über kool t34 ... i like it ! (the car!)

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MOL... preparing ! pt2


also preparing for mol ... getting everything EBI sorted out ... Tickets and some tshirt and sweats for you ! check out our tradestand at the MOL swapmeet !


now we really wonder where all those EBI 1 posters went ??? if they're some on your wall ... send us some pix !!!

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MOL... preparing !

leaflet 060.jpg

Digging trough some boxes, i found some leftover tshirts from the 48IDA line i once made ... i still have some sweats and some tshirts ... i'll bring them along in MOL ! check on my tradestand !


be there ! in MOL ! the biggest indoor swapmeet for volkswagens in Belgium ... organised by Kempische Keverclub.

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VOWO ads in latest issue !




woohoo... the latest vo wo magazine has landed on my desk ... it has a new selection of diverse volkswagens inside, all you need to know and all you can dream of inside. just go and buy the magazine ! hurry to the newsstand or buy a subscription on www.volksworld.com

check out the mega adverts for EBI4 and the Kieftenklok and T2D freddyfiles 2011 ! thanks for the support Volksworld ! we'll keep on supporting / reading about you ! 

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new flyer is in town


people reading http://freddyfiles2011.skynetblogs.be must have seen it allready ... but here it is again ! keep posted on the blog and see what's up in the cozy town of NINOVE

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